Monday 21 April 2014

Private Card Class -Book yours today!

Hello and welcome back

I love teaching people card making, whether they are complete beginners or experienced and looking to extend their knowledge of card making skills/techniques.

Jemini Crafts Private Card Classes thought I would share a recent private class with you to show you the sort of thing we get up to!  This class was held in Tara's House, and Tara was kindly the host for the evening - all that was required of her was to provide a table and chairs for the evening (a dining table is perfect for this), and some light refreshments. These usually consist of some biscuits tea/coffee and an occasional glass of wine!

There were three projects, and we decided on the theme as 'Male themed cards'. The great bonus of holding your own class is that you get to decide what the theme is - so this could be anything from Childrens' Cards, Wedding cards, Christmas... to fun boxes and wrapping. I have included some close-up photographs so you can see the designs in more detail. I have spaces for a few Private Classes in April and May, so please get in touch if you would like to book.
Just EMAIL me here. To visit my Card Class pages, click HERE.

Jemini Crafts Private Card Classes

  Jemini Crafts Private Card Classes Crafts Private Card Classes

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