Friday 1 November 2013

NEW Product Launch !

If you struggle to find envelopes to match your projects, or you want to be able to make quick envelopes with patterned paper... THIS is the product for you. Quicker and easier than previous score boards, all the hard work has been done for you - it even tells you the size of paper you need to make your envelope with.

Our NEW Envelope Punch Board
  • It creates totally customisable envelopes in up to 66 different sizes 
  • It’s super easy to use
  • It’s small and lightweight
  • It even has a clever scoring tool as well as a punch for rounded corners.
  • It’s easy to keep it all together - even the instructions are printed on the tool.
  • The price is terrific--especially for a tool that does so much! JUST £17.95

As well as making 66 different envelope sizes, it can be used for making boxes, tags and file folder design cards. Here is an introductory Stampin' Up! video for you: VIDEO

Making envelopes is now a breeze.  The best news is that it costs just £17.95 to order, and is available from me today 1st November 2013.

Look out for lots of projects featuring the board (just google Stampin' Up! Envelope Punch Board). My favourite is the little gift card envelope, which uses a piece of paper just 5" x 5" and fits a standard worldwide shop gift card, book token, iTunes voucher etc.

To order yours click on the photo below or email me.

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