Monday 7 February 2022

NEW Easy Card Making kit - Light the Candles

I am so happy to share this new kit with you.

Thank you for stopping by today, I am really pleased to share this brand new card-making kit with you. Released in February 2022, this kit will make 8 cards, 4 each of 2 different designs; this kit includes everything you need, including adhesives.

Packed in a solid cardboard box, this would make a great gift as the kit itself, or would be ideal if you made up the cards and gifted the finished set of 8 cards. I have 2 videos (originally recorded LIVE on Facebook) on the kits, which you can watch below.

This kit is just one of our Kits Collection available - there are many different ones to choose from, not just cardmaking but also gifts and packaging, including card kits for men.  Please note that all of our kits are available whilst stocks last, so there is no guarantee how long they will be available for.

Here is a link to our complete kits collection; that way you can see whats available at the time you read this post! CLICK HERE or on the photo below.

This kit is perfect for beginner crafters, but if you are an experienced crafter you can carry on and make many aternative cards using the components. For example you could cut up the card bases and use them as designer paper as a backing to another card. You could also replace the patterned backing with an alternative colour of glitter card.

I am running a local (UK) monthly card class with our kits - just comment or email me to find out more details.


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