Thursday 17 January 2019

Fun at my launch event - and a photo competition

Thanks to everyone who came to my Spring/Summer launch event last weekend
I only took a few photographs of the event, as I was too busy chatting! 

I organised the tables in order of the catalogue, so you could start at the beginning of the catalogue and walk round in page order. It seemed to work really well, and something I shall do in the future. Each catalogue page was laminated and I gathered products and samples for each suite that I had.

I have to say thank you to Karen Spreckley and Tara Fowler from my awesome team, as they kindly lent me some of their products and samples. (Hard to believe, but I don't own everything in the catalogue!)

Here are a few photos of the grouped displays. If you click on the photo it will take you that product suite online so you can look in more detail.

Incredible Like You stamp set available from Jemini Crafts
Incredible Like You Page 21 (Karen)
Classic Garage Suite available from Jemini Crafts
Classic Garage Suite Page 43 (Karen)

Needlepoint  fun sewing stamp set available from Jemini Crafts
Needlepoint Nook Page 39 (Tara)
Butterfly and Gingham Gala Suite available from Jemini Crafts
Butterfly/Gingham Gala Page 35 (Jenny/Karen)  
Car boot ready for launch event with Jemini Crafts

This was my car loaded ready to set off in the morning. Can you spot what is wrong with this photo? EMAIL me and let me know, and I'll pop a gift in the post (UK) 
to the first 3 correct responses.

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