Monday 1 February 2016

February Club Code = Free gifts for all online orders

You mau have seen from an earlier post that I now have an on-line ordering code which guarantees that everyone who orders online in any month will get a  
gift and a card from me.

January's customers EACH will receive over £11 worth of brand new goodies for FREE. Details of how to use the code when ordering are below.

Here is February's code:
Click on the code above to start ordering !  

Each time you order online, just look for the monthly code on my website or at the bottom of any email, and quote this code in the Hostess Code section at the bottom of your order page. You can fill it in anytime until you checkout. 

Once you have entered a current code it will confirm that 
you are ordering under my club code:
Jenny McCormac (Club Orders)

You can use the same code multiple times in any month. 
A NEW gift will be selected and sent out with a card early the following month.

DON'T use this code if you are ordering over £150 of product in one go, as you will be entitled to free gifts at the time of order !

FORGOT to enter your code? 
Don't worry - just email me as soon as you realise and 
I can get the code added to your order.

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