Friday 31 October 2014

Do you have photos still in your camera? on your PC? in boxes?

If you do, then I have the perfect product for you to get those photographs printed and out on show to share with friends and family.

In this digital age, so many of us (me included) have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos on our cameras, phones and computers - most of which will never see the light of day!

Why not get them printed out and popped into an album, complete with a really easy and quick way to annotate your events. Even if only with a date and time - it's so important to share your memories.

The product that can help you is Project Life (R) by Stampin' Up!

Project Life kit from Stampin' Up!
Designed to get even the laziest of us sharing our events and memories with others. It's just a case of choosing and printing your photos, slotting them into our pre-prepared album sheets, add a few journalling cards with dates/time/notes... and voila.... an album ready to share.

I have a class this Sunday afternoon, with a few spaces left if you would like to join us, and I will then hold a regular scrapbooking/memory making class that you can join. Bring along 20 6x4 photos with you and I can help you started! PERFECT ideas for Christmas presents for family - especially those not on Facebook who may not have caught up with your events throughout the past years.

Project Life kit from Stampin' Up!

Project Life kit from Stampin' Up! 

Special occasion? Collate photos from people at the event, print and add to an album and present it to the recipient of the event. All our card packs are themed for different occasions, and they can also be used for mini-albums and card making.

To book on my Sunday class 2nd November 2-4pm in Brackley, please use the Payatrader link below or click on anty of the photos above. To order your own kit, please EMAIL me for more details.

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