Monday 16 December 2013

All I want for Christmas is........

Hopefully something from Stampin' Up! 
Stuck for ideas? Need some help? Let me help you.  Click on any product to order direct.

Here are my Top 5 Suggestions......

No 1 wish list for craftersEnvelope Punch Board - for all crafter's who struggle getting envelopes to fit! Not only does it make envelopes, tags, crackers and boxes, it includes 2 punches on the board itself, plus printed instructions. Measurements in metric and Imperial. NOTE: This may not be in stock in time for Christmas Delivery.
Envelope Punch Board Craft Accessory
Envelope Punch Board £17.95
No 2 Christmas wish list for crafters
 A Stampin' Up Gift Voucher

Stampin up Gift Voucher
Any amount, starting from £5.00 Valid for 12 months
Can be made up to any value from £5 + ! Redeemable only through me, but can be redeemed over a period of time, not just in one go. Ideal for those with a LONG wish list.... Order via email with the recipients name, and amount, plus your address and details for posting.

A Class Pass
Can be used for any of my standard classes for up to 12 months after issue. You can state the number of classes, or the value if you would prefer. Standard Class costs are £12.00 from January 2014 for classes in Brackley.
UNDEFINED - Carve your own stamps

For those artistic people who want to create their own designs - the perfect Christmas Present - a 'Design and Carve your own stamps kit' called Undefined. Everything you need to create up to 4 stamps, and refill kits available. Tools include sharp instruments - not recommended for young children without a supervising adult.

Undefined - carve your own stamp kit 

Included in the Stamp Carving Kit:
* 2 carving tools
* 3" x 4" rubber
* 3" x 4" foam
* 4 wood blocks (various sizes)
* 1 Island Indigo Stampin’ Write Marker
* 3 postcards
* Instruction sheet
* Stamp image templates

See lots of samples HERE

Buy the Stampin' up! Starter Kit for just £99 and you will get an amazing £130 worth of products of your choice, plus £45 of catalogues and business supplies.

Online application necessary. CLICK on this LINK

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