Thursday 17 October 2013

Birthday wishes and cutting up stamps !

Hello Again !
I wanted to share this card I made for one of my downline and a great friend Lucy Tustian. Lucy is a great lover of nature, so I opted to use the Butterfly Roller wheel stamp for her card.

However, I unmounted the stamp from the wheel to give me more flexibility when using it. What I wanted to do was to have a series of butterflies but inked in increasing brightness of colour. By unmounting it, I was able to use my marker pens in different colours applied directly to the flat stamp.

If you have never unmounted a wheel stamp, here's a video from Monique at BigCityStamping to show you how: HOW TO: Video

Here is my finished card:

I intended to have the butterflies getting darker in colour on my finished card, but I forgot when I was inking them up that I was working left to right ! So next time, I will start with the dark butterflies on the left... working to the lighter ones on the right.  Don't tell Lucy though!

I have just done the same trick with the Birthday Candles roller, here is the rubber cut before mounting. What I did this time was to cut off 3 candles, so I could use those easily on their own. It also means the large stamp will fit our acrylic block 'I'.

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