Thursday 19 September 2013

Would you like help to organise your Christmas?

If you like an organised Christmas, or you need help making this Christmas an organised rather than a stressed/last minute one, then I may just have a product that could help you.

Our 'This and That' Christmas Journal is your Christmas Planner in a book! There are five sections for you to start filling out to plan your Christmas in plenty of time. Pockets at the front and back allow you to tuck in samples or receipts for presents purchased. The big spiral binding means that you can add plenty of cut out samples/ideas without the journal creaking at the seams.  

There is an optional matching Sticker pack available too.
There are 5 ready made sections and the whole journal is backed with strong heavyweight card which you can decorate as you wish.

The calendar section has 4 months (1 per page) for your planning. The Cards section has 4 pages of contact details to track your outgoing/incoming cards, followed by 4 pages of inspiration which you can fill in or use to stick in samples.

The Decor section has 6 pages that you can add written ideas/notes/snippets. The Gifts section has 14 pages where you can list the recipients name and the gift ideas/budget etc.
Entertaining includes Shopping Lists, Guests Lists and Event details.

The whole journal is colour matched, and the pages are built to last - so if you get organised THIS Christmas you will be set for next year too!  

How about an early Christmas Present? Why not buy one for a friend or family member? 

If you would like more photos or to see a sample, please just ask me.

T order your Journal: Click Here 
To order your Designer Sticker Pack Click Here

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