Sunday 19 May 2013

Wedding Cards for my Nephew

I am delighted to be able to congratulate one of my lovely Nephews Alex Roberts on his marriage to the beautiful Claire on Saturday 18th May 2013. I understand that the sun was out for them - a lot more than could be said of the weather here in Brackley at the time.

I made 2 wedding cards for the occasion, one from my sister Kathy and the other from Jo, Will and myself. Here are the finished cards. The first uses plenty of embossed layers, with the birds placed on the top, and the second uses just two layers, with some designer paper underneath.
Wedding card using the Love and Laughter Stamp set

Wedding Card using Two Step Bird Punch

So many people love the effect that heat embossing gives to an image... and this was what I did with the wedding words for the second card.  You can't see it very well on the main photo, so here is a close up:

Embossed with Silver Embossing Powder

You may be wondering where the little heart comes from on the bird card and also on the top of the wedding cake. It comes from the Owl Builder Punch - there is a tiny little heart featured as one of the components.  It's always good to make more than 1 use of a punch!
Tiny heart from the Owl Builder Punch £15.50


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