Tuesday 7 May 2013

The World's Greatest Card...... almost

The title for this posting is rather cheeky - by no means is my card the best in the world, but it JUST happens to use the stamp called 'World's Greatest' which you can see clearly from the photo.  

I used this stamp to make a card for a friend, who's family cards I make throughout the year. To save her time and money, I make them at the beginning of each month and either send them direct to the recipient, or to her if they are local. It's a service I love doing as it challenges me to make cards for people and themes that are new each year. If you would be interested in my Greeting's Card Service, please contact me for details, pricing etc.

It is such an easy stamp to use, and great for mens and boys cards; but also ideal for that end of term rush for teacher's cards too!
 "World's Greatest Teacher !" 
Priced at £8.95 for the single wooden stamp, it represents great value.

In addition to the stamps listed, I used the lovely Island Indigo blue card and ink, and one of our Textured Embossing Folders called Chevron which forms the perfect background to a male themed card. I also used our lovely Silver Card - which has a fantastic finish to it.


In addition to the main stamp, I used 2 stamps from the stamp set called 'For My Family' a versatile set with 24 stamps that can help you make any number of family sentiments, including 'in-law' and 'great' and 'grand' allowing you to make up 'great Grandma', 'Brother in-Law' and even 'Great Great Grandpa'.

To order any of the products in my BLOG, please leave me a message or contact me via the 'ICONS' on the right hand side.

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