Saturday 30 March 2013

Fun with 'Dress It Up' outfits

A reminder of those dressing dolls I had was I was small, these Dress It Up Framelits make a great idea for a girls Birthday Party activity.
That was exactly what I did with some lovely girls last weekend. It was Hannah's 7th Birthday and she had a group of friends around for her party. We had the Big Shot and out Dress It Up Framelits and the girls spent a fantastic hour making all variety of dresses. Many of them were Strictly Come Dancing Fans, so as you can imagine there were plenty of glitter dresses on show.

You can see how they embellished the dresses- I took plenty of buttons and my ribbon stash for them to choose from.

I noticed that quite a few of my Pearls and Gems were used, so I made sure today that I ordered more in to stock.

The dresses were added to the Dress Stands, and at the end of the session the girls were given the opportunity to make a bookmark using 1 or more of their little dresses.

They each had an envelope to tuck all their dresses into. This would be a lovely project to add magnets to the back of the dresses, in true dolly dressing style!

Fun Dresses
To the right are some more of the glitter dresses that were made.

Thanks for reading this post, and I look forward to sharing some more samples with you soon.

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